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Friday 4 January 2013

The impact of multi-agency work supporting Roma children in education

BHA for Equality in Health and Social Care have published 'A report into the impact of multi-agency work supporting Roma children in education'. Click here to download the report in full:

The research found that: 

– Historical tensions between Roma and non-Roma migrants often reemerge when the communities have to interact in the UK.

– Multi-agency work with Roma is hindered by a lack of cultural awareness amongst a range of professionals.

 Strategic direction and leadership is needed if the work of disparate agencies at all levels is to be coordinated effectively at the local and district level.

 New forms of organisation and smaller operational teams must focus on leadership and ownership of partnership work.

 A commitment to collaboration from agencies at all levels across all sectors is a crucial aspect of successful multi agency work with Roma.

 Provision of support and training opportunities for the Roma community is fundamental for sustaining independence and increasing the attainment of aspirations by Roma pupils.

 The skills and knowledge developed by specialist traveller teams and services over recent decades may be lost.

 Despite cuts to funding, there is still some flexibility over how budgets can be used in innovative ways to commission services through partnership work.

 Changes to the school funding system are likely to hinder future provision for Roma children, both in maintained schools and schools that opt out of local authority control.

The report also makes a number of recommendations.

Download the full report: 'A report into the impact of multi-agency work supporting Roma children in education' here:

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