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Saturday 1 February 2014

New book on sustainable food systems

Sustainable Food Systems: Building a New Paradigm, Edited by Terry Marsden, Adrian Morley

"In response to the challenges of a growing population and food security, there is an urgent need to construct a new agri-food sustainability paradigm. This book brings together an integrated range of key social science insights exploring the contributions and interventions necessary to build this framework. Building on over ten years of ESRC funded theoretical and empirical research centered at BRASS, it focuses upon the key social, economic and political drivers for creating a more sustainable food system... The book critically explores the linkages between social science research and the evolving food security problems facing the world at a critical juncture in the debates associated with not only food quality, but also its provenance, vulnerability and the inherent unsustainability of current systems of production and consumption. Each chapter examines how the links between research, practice and policy can begin to contribute to more sustainable, resilient and justly distributive food systems which would be better equipped to ‘feed the world’ by 2050." (Routledge 2014)


1. Current Food Questions and their Scholarly Challenges: Creating and Framing a Sustainable Food Paradigm, Terry Marsden & Adrian Morley

2. Food Futures: Framing the Crisis, Adrian Morley, Jesse McEntee & Terry Marsden

3. European Food Governance: The Contrary Influences of Market Liberalization and Agricultural Exceptionalism, Bob Lee

4. The Public Plate: Harnessing the Power of Purchase, Kevin Morgan & Adrian Morley

5. Sustainable Food Supply Chains: The Dynamics for Change, Andrew Flynn & Kate Bailey

6. Biosecurity and the Bioeconomy: The Case of Disease Regulation in the UK & New Zealand, Gareth Enticott

7. Improving Animal Welfare in Europe: Cases of Comparative Bio-sustainabilities, Mara Miele & John Lever

8. Exploring the New Rural-urban Interface: Community Food Practice, Land Access and Farmer Entrepreneurialism, Alex Franklin & Selyf Morgan

9. The "New Frontier"? Urban Strategies for Food Security and Sustainability, Roberta Sonnino & Jessica Jane Spayde

10. Conclusions: Building the Food Sustainability Paradigm: Research Needs, Complexities, Opportunities, Terry Marsden