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Saturday 29 October 2022

Community Renewal Fund Circular Economy Workshop

In a circular economy workshop for Wakefield Council and the third Sector funded via the Community Renewal Fund, on the 17 October 2022 Dr John Lever from the Department of Management at Huddersfield University involved participants in a series of activities to encourage greater understanding of circular economy. 

John asked participants to bring in an object or product that had the potential to be circular or symbolised circularity. This facilitated a great initial discussion. Following on from this, John gave a talk on key circular economy concepts and resource use statistics before asking participants to think about the health and well-being implications of moving towards a circular economy for their organisation and the wider ecosystem of which it is a part. 

In the final 90-minute activity, participants were put into mixed organisational groups and asked to work through a series of questions to enable collaboration and the design of a new circular venture or activity. The results of this final activity stressed the importance of moving beyond linear thinking in organisation and building circular infrastructure that could better enable collaboration.